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Crash Bandicoot1449 views

by Solvesoul December 31st, 2012

Crash Bandicoot defines the PlayStation 1 era. This game was the main competitor to the glorious days when Mario & Nintendo ruled the gaming world. But then came a little Bandicoot named Crash and showed Mario a real fight! But that's not what we're going to talk about now, the real essence is the game itself.

Crash Bandicoot is a platformer-adventure game that brings us Crash,a Bandicoot that has been abducted by the evil Scientist N. Cortex. After a failed experiment, Crash escapes and wants to rescue his girlfriend Bandicoot. This is where the player jumps in, starting from the beach you go all the way to the lab of Cortex, with many obstacles and bosses in your way. Also, collecting many crystals and gems on your path.

The game starts off fairly easy (if you complete the level without all the collectibles) but gains difficulty at a fast pace. And when you're at the difficult parts then you'll surely curse a few times, but if you manage to complete it then you'll feel so satisfied of your skills in the end. The hard difficulty is not only caused by the platforming aspects and enemies in the game but also a bit because of the controls. Don't get me wrong here, the controls are great but if you know how well Crash 2 handles then you'll catch my drift. For example, when jumping forward, sometimes it's hard to tell whether you'll jump far enough or too far.

The graphics are sublime, how the PSOne managed such beautiful and rich environments with only 2MB of RAM is truly stunning. Even now the game still looks great (Mine was being upscaled to 16:9 but even on 4:3 it's awesome).

Storywise the game could've been more... It's a pretty generic story about a damsel in distress that needs rescuing. On the other hand, Crash doesn't need much storytelling as this game thrives purely on it's gameplay and awesomeness.

Overall the fun factor is really high and it owes so much to the gameplay. For instance, there is a level where Crash turns to the camera, winks at you and then he jumps on warthog. The warthog runs in panic and Crash is riding his back in a hilarious fashion. (See image)

If you're able to complete this gem (see what I did there?) then you can truly call yourself a Bandicoot pro.

Here's an advert showing the real competition between Nintendo & Sony:

Crash Bandicoot1449 views

developersNaughty Dog

publishersUniversal Interactive Studios

seriesCrash Bandicoot

platforms* Playstation

releasedateAugust 31, 1996


storeCrash Bandicoot on PSN (US)

  • Great graphics
  • Funny characters
  • Excellent music
  • Challenging boss fights
  • Hard at times
  • Controls can be a bit clunky

by Solvesoul December 31st, 2012