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Crazy Taxi991 views

by Solvesoul December 31st, 2012

Crazy Taxi is an arcade classic. The version I'm reviewing is the Steam version. For people who aren't familiar with this game, the goal is to pick up and drop of as many customers as you can in the allotted time. For each customer you successfully drop of at his/her destination, you get some extra time. There are three rankings you get by taking a customer to his/her destination: "speedy", "normal" or "slow". You get bonus time if you drop someone of quickly.

The game is fast-paced and has a great feel to it. Originally released on the DreamCast, I first played it on the PlayStation 2. It still hasn't lost its charm and the graphics really represent it's time period. The style is fun and the mood is set to punk & anarchy. That's what accurately describes all characters in the game. Even the priest (who will always let you drive to church) acts like a punker.

The gameplay is great, you'll need to learn every part of the city to get better scores and you'll have to make quick decisions on which route to take or which customer to pick up to get the most money. If you drive reckless but don't crash into anything you get bonus money and the customers get more excited. If you throw awesome combo's of nearly crashing into anything but still manage to avoid all danger, then you'll get tons of bonus money.

You can choose from 4 different characters and they are all very memorable. Axel, Gus, B.D. Joe & Gena are the cab drivers that you can play as. They differ very little in gameplay. B.D. Joe drives the fastest but steers very bad, Axel is the most balanced driver, ... The difference is so unnoticeable that you can pick the driver that suits you the most. Out of all characters B.D. Joe is the only one whom made cameo's in other games such as Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing.

In short: Great to kill a few minutes and for arcade game lovers!

Crazy Taxi991 views

developersHitmaker & Strange Elite


platforms• Arcade
• Dreamcast
• Microsoft Windows
• PlayStation 2
• GameCube
• Xbox Live Arcade
• PlayStation Network
• iOS


genresRacing, Action

storeCrazy Taxi on Steam

  • Runs really smooth
  • Contains several modes
  • Music fits the game so well
  • Lacks music from The Offspring
  • No customizable controls

by Solvesoul December 31st, 2012