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Saints Row: The Third937 views

by Kaboewm January 2nd, 2013

Tons of references from other games and movies plus the ridiculous amount of clichés used, make Saints Row: The Third one of the most fun to play games out there.

Playing as the one and only boss of the Saints, you start off by robbing a bank in Stillwater. After a short moment, you soon realize that you are robbing from the wrong people. Police eventually take you in and you are being brought to the owners of the bank, a criminal organization known as The Syndicate. While captive on The Syndicate's airplane, they tell you that they have taken control over all your properties in Stillwater. Of course you don't agree with this, so yet again you start gunning everyone down you can. Due to all the gunfire, the plane is about to crash, so you jump out and land on the island named Steelport. Here you rebuilt your empire and take revenge on The Syndicate.

Steelport is divided into 4 separate islands each owned by a gang that is part of The Syndicate. You have the Morningstar, a gang that controls most of the prostitutes in town. The Deckers, who are a bunch of punky computer masterminds. And the Luchadores, a group of wrestlers that control the Casinos in Steelport.

There are a lot of objectives you can complete aside from the main story line, which leaves you with a lot to do. You can take control over parts of The Syndicate by completing various mini-games, eliminating gang member in the area or simply by buying their property. Completing these objective give you a hourly income of money, which you can spend on perks, properties, clothes or other numerous things you can waste your money on. It also gives you respect, which is the same as experience, this allows you to level up and unlock more perks to buy.

You can customize your character in a very large way. When you aren't satisfied with your looks, you can visit one of the plastic surgery shops and make an entirely new person. You have a large range of clothes to change your appearance, you have tattoo shops and you have garages to tune your car, just the way you want to. At the weapon stores you can buy upgrades to make your guns more devastating than before. Your creations can be uploaded on saintsrow.com, or you can download creations of other players.

A friend can join you at any time in the game. They play with their own character, with their own guns, upgrades, cars etc. You can also play together, or alone, in the Whored mode, where your objective is to survive waves of blood hungering whores with the weapons given.

Overall thoughts: Saints Row: The Third is an amazingly fun game to play. The range of customization is so big, you can really build your character the way you want it. The game is very noobfriendly, but then again it can be too easy for more experienced players. The humor in Saints Row does make up for this. Who doesn't like beating other people with a giant dildo.
TiG Score
by Kaboewm
Pros: + Humorous
+ Large customization
+ Co-Op
+ Very noobfriendly

Cons: - A bit too easy

Saints Row: The Third937 views

developersVolition, Inc.


seriesSaints Row

platforms• Microsoft Windows
• PlayStation 3
• Xbox 360

releasedateNovember 15, 2011

genresAction, Adventure

storeSaints Row website
Saints Row: The Third on Steam

  • Humorous
  • Large customization
  • Co-Op
  • Very noobfriendly
  • A bit too easy

by Kaboewm January 2nd, 2013