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World of Warcraft1098 views

by KaboewmMay 22nd, 2013

Live your own adventure in the world of Azeroth. That's what World of Warcraft is about. Blizzard's MMORPG, based on their Warcraft series , is an adventure you won't soon forget. You can choose to battle along the Alliance or Horde in a struggle to defend Azeroth from all those who threaten to destroy it. On the other hand, the Alliance and Horde seek to destroy one another, for they both want total domination over the world. So as a brave soldier of the Horde or Alliance, you set sail on a quest to help those in need of your aid and to do whatever you can to save Azeroth.

You start of by creating your own adventurer. You choose one of the races of the Horde or Alliance and you pick a class that is available for your chosen race. You have quite a range of customization available to make your character look somewhat more unique. Once you're ready, you begin in the starting area of your race. From here on you use your skill in combat to train yourself by completing quests, so you can become a valiant and strong adventurer that can defeat the toughest of foes.

Azeroth is a very large world, with much to do. It is divided in four large continents, named Kalimdor, The Eastern Kingdoms, Northrend and Pandaria. Each continent is divided in regions, with each region having its own difficulty-level. Across the world you can find cities, villages, outposts, etc. where NPC's can give you tasks to complete. Completing these quests can give you experience, gold, armor, weapons or other useful items, that will help you on your adventure to become stronger. There are quite a lot of unique quests, but there are also a lot of quests that resemble each other. Of course with an MMORPG you can expect to do many 'kill that' or 'get this' quests. But don't worry, all these quests have their unique lore and story with them, so you won't have to feel like doing the same thing over and over again. Of course reading all the quests takes much time and most players don't want to play at such a slow rate. So if you don't want to do the reading, then quests can get repetitive quite easily.

The main goal in the game is probably to reach the end-game. Where you either go for PvP (Player versus player) or PvE (Player versus environment) or even both. Once there you try to get the best gear available, which allows you to destroy the most powerful enemies in Azeroth. For PvP you can create an Arena team, which allows you to battle against other players in teams of two, three or five, or you can fight in various battlegrounds, which contain game types like capture the flag or attack and defend. These battlegrounds are played with large groups of players and require tactic and skill to achieve victory.

Should you ever get tired of fighting all the time then there are still enough other things to do. You have a huge amount of achievements. A few professions that take quite a lot of dedication to level, pet battles, world bosses, scenario's, mini-games or other crazy events. Or you could always start a new character to try out a different class and explore other areas of Azeroth.

Another great thing about World of Warcraft is that it is very easy to learn, so everyone can play it. The interface is pretty clear to understand and everything gets explained quite well. It's only later in game that things tend to get some more complicated, but by that time you have already gained a lot of experience in how the game works. Over the years, Blizzard already made many changes to help players understand the game at an easier pace. They've also made a lot things easier for the experienced players, which shows that they show interest in their player base. Then again, for a 'Pay to play' game, you kind of expect them to show some interest.

Which brings us to the 'Pay to play' downside of World of Warcraft. Nobody likes to pay continuously to play a game. And this is probably the main reason why a lot of people don't play the game. Nonetheless World of Warcraft still made it as the most played game ever and kept that title for quite a long time. The plus side of 'Pay to play' is that the server quality is excellent. It also makes sure to keep toxic players to a minimum. There still are some annoying players, but they certainly aren't the majority.

Overall thoughts: World of Warcraft is a unique and amazing role playing game where you have a lot of freedom in a gigantic world. It is 'Pay to Play', but this brings its benefits. Overall it's a great, exciting and memorable journey.
TiG Score
by Kaboewm
+ Very fun and addictive
+ Large amount of freedom
+ Huge and beautiful world
+ Almost no toxic players
+ Easy to learn yet complex

- Pay to Play

Developers: Blizzard Entertainment
Publishers: Blizzard Entertainment
• Microsoft Windows
• Mac OS X
Release date: November 23, 2004

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World of Warcraft1098 views

developersBlizzard Entertainment

publishersBlizzard Entertainment

releasedateNovember 23, 2004


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  • Very fun and addictive
  • Large amount of freedom
  • Huge and beautiful world
  • Almost no toxic players
  • Easy to learn yet complex
  • Pay to Play

by KaboewmMay 22nd, 2013